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My yard and bushes look amazing thanks to the outstanding work of the gardeners. They were punctual, dependable, effective, meticulous, and pleasant. I highly recommend utilizing their services on a weekly basis!

  • James W.

Numerous recommendations were given to me, accompanied by the prices listed out too. After getting in touch with Soho Garden Maintenance, they delivered excellent and affordable service that has surpassed my expectations while being constantly on-the-go.

  • Thomas D.

It's not often that you come across a company that truly cares about their customers, but that's exactly what I found with GardenersSoho. For more than a year now, they have been providing me with exceptional service for my gardening needs. Their team is always reliable and helpful, making them my top choice every time.

  • Chris Hudson

Very gracious and obliging like always, exceeded expectations with their work again, secured them for continuous tasks.

  • Gary H.

I look forward to seeing my gardens transform further under the care of this exceptional gardener.

  • Rosin E

Incredible, arrived at the expected time as promised by the gardeners, great pre-arrangement communication. Grateful for the outcome and planned for monthly upkeep.

  • D. Anwar

The paving project was executed with great workmanship, it's professionally done and the team is courteous and friendly. I would highly recommend their services for any paving job. I am extremely happy with the end result!

  • Evan H.

Our previous collaboration with GardenersSoho left us thoroughly satisfied and confident that they were the best company for another project in our back garden. They come highly recommended.

  • Bruno D.

The bamboo may have been difficult, but it was no match for the determination of these professionals.

  • Patrick

The top-notch standard of their work and prompt completion left us thoroughly satisfied, with minimum disruption to our routine.

  • Aaron A.

Their customer service is unparalleled, evident through their efficient execution of the task within the given timeline with little disruption.

  • Sandra Houston

Thanks to this fantastic experience, my lawn looks better than ever before! The gardeners were efficient and reliable, and the price was just right.

  • F. Richards

What a great job these gardeners did - my lawn is now the talk of the neighborhood! They were so efficient and trustworthy, and the price was just right.

  • Oliver

Excellent negotiation abilities and reasonable prices.

  • Peter Gray

Superb communication and cost-effective price.

  • F. Kraus

Amazing job from an amazing team at this fantastic gardening service. They take pride in their work and it shows.

  • Graham Brick

From start to finish, Soho Gardening Companies proved themselves to be the best company for all my gardening needs in London.

  • Diana

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my garden landscaping. This team did an exceptional job, paid attention to detail, and were always friendly and professional.

  • Rob Moore

The welcoming environment established by this organisation, coupled with a dedicated attitude to getting things done, contributes to perfect delivery every time.

  • H. Marshal

Remarkable rapidity and proficiency from the gardener's workmanship. Great cost as well.

  • Katty P.

Gardeners accomplished the garden project to a superior degree. Their industry and skill are incomparable. Correspondence was outstanding from beginning to end.

  • Sarah L.

A marvelous aggregation of amiable, trustworthy and composed employees who take great satisfaction in what they do.

  • W. Lin

Pruning a large tree was something I was dreading because of how expensive I thought it would be, but Soho Lanscaping Services gave me an excellent deal for the work. They were also great to work with.

  • K. Langley

The transformation that Soho Gardeners made on my yard is remarkable - it's breathtaking and as attractive as any other yard.

  • Alicia Smith

The team from Soho Gardeners have outdone themselves taking away any waste or overgrown weeds in my garden. Their professionalism was remarkable as was their dependability. I would definitely suggest them for anyone's gardening needs without hesitation! Much appreciated!

  • Lissa M.

I'm pleased with the lawn mowing job. My overgrown garden was given a thorough treatment. The gardeners were quick, tidy, and pleasant. I'd highly suggest their services to anybody and have already scheduled a regular weekly appointment, so pleased with their work.

  • Joe

I used Soho Gardeners to do a lot of hedge pruning in our huge garden and was not disappointed. From pas reviews I knew they were going to be good but I had no idea just how good! I recommend them to everyone.

  • Samantha Logan

We decided to redesign the garden and quickly found ourselves to need some help. We hired Soho Lanscaping Services due to their low rates. They did great and we would use their services again.

  • Jillian D.

It was a top experience using this gardening company. I'll certainly be using Lawn Care Services Soho again.

  • Emma S.

I've used their gardening services many times in the past and will continue to do so. Soho Gardening Companies never fail to impress.

  • J. Jameson

I always took care of the garden for mum when I was home, so I hired Lawn Care Services Soho to take care of her when I moved out on my own. I just don't want her to try and do it on her own, and frankly, I want some good son points haha! These guys do great, and they have very reasonable prices. Highly recommend.

  • Jon S.

Soho Garden Maintenance simply cannot be beaten for gardening services. They do everything and do it incredibly well.

  • Carol Smith

Soho Garden Maintenance has the best garden care service locally, bar none! Low prices and efficient gardeners.

  • Andy A.

I have long wanted expert lawn care but didn't know how to go about it. Doing it myself wasn't the solution, so I started to look around at different firms. Soho Garden Maintenance were who is settled on and I've found them to be exactly what I needed. They have done all the work I expected of them and to a high standard too. I am completely satisfied with their services and will continue to hire them in the future.

  • Shelly Owens

Thanks to the highly talented team of experts from Soho Lanscaping Services, my garden looks spectacular. It was transformed from a messed up land to a beautiful garden with lush green grass and bushes. The efficient gardening services of the crew helped in creating a beautiful setting and it helped to enhance the overall beauty of my home. Thanks once again for the wonderful work!

  • Wilson O.

If you need help with gardening maintenance I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Soho Gardening Services. Not only are their prices great but the work they carry out is high quality too. The guys are always very reliable and you feel you can approach them with questions and/or suggestions if you have any.

  • Chris Turner

A great bunch of gardeners! I thought the clean-up job that I needed done would take far longer than it did, but their team got to work and completed everything quickly and without any problems. I have no problems recommending Soho Gardening Companies.

  • Penelope Jamieson

The gardening experts at Lawn Care Services Soho always leave me impressed with their work. This skilful team is absolutely fantastic and I can personally vouch for them. All in all, I highly recommend you hire them for help.

  • Jane Prosser

I have always been adamant that lawn in front of a house should look its best. It should be trim and healthy. Keeping a lawn at its best though can be tough, so I hire Soho Garden Maintenance. They know all about proper lawn care and have worked their magic to keep my patch of grass vibrant and trim. If you respect proper lawn maintenance, you should call this team.

  • Harriet M.

When it comes to gardening companies I would only recommend Soho Gardening Services. I have tried others but none are worth the money or time. Other companies do a worse job than what I could do. This company, however, is totally worth it!

  • Roland McGuire

Soho Gardening Companies supplied and fast and efficient lawn mowing service for my mum when she broke her leg. I had heard great reports about this company and decided to book a lawn care service. The gardeners did a great job and also used feed and weed products to revive the lawn and make it lovely and green again. It is amazing at how much work should be put into lawn care as it doesn't stop at cutting!!

  • Lynn Wallace

I applaud and sing the praises of Soho Lanscaping Services after the work they completed in my back garden. They de-weeded the entire garden, trimmed the hedges, mowed the lawn and generally tidied everything up. This may sound like a straightforward task, but factor in the size of my garden and most companies would have been running for the hills! I look forward to using their services again when needed. A job well done!

  • Jacob Reese

For the best garden waste disposal you simply have to call Lawn Care Services Soho. I did and now gardening has become much simpler. I always struggled to properly dispose of twigs and leaves and the like, so with them doing it for me, I have a lot of extra time. I have never been disappointed with them, and I look forward to using their services in the future.

  • Fiona Vaughan

Hiring the lawn mowing and hedge trimming services from Soho Lanscaping Services was definitely money well spent. Their gardeners are true professionals and very hard working and had my hedges, trees and lawn looking neat and tidy in next to no time. Their company are most certainly experts and experienced in the industry. They ran a slick operation from start to finish to get my garden in tip top shape.

  • Kat S.

It was important for me to employ a gardening service that considers the environment and Soho Gardening Companies fitted the bill. They use completely eco-friendly products and are great at disposing of any collected garden waste. The results are always really pretty and don't cost very much either.

  • Veronica

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